Film and video production

Twinings and Ovaltine have been merged under the ownership of ABF. This video titled "Everyday" sets out to explain to staff and shareholders the global opportunities and synergies that the merger will bring.

Demonstrating the universal appeal of the two brands the video reveals how well positioned these two drinks ranges are to take advantage of a world market that increasingly favours natural healthy beverages.

Without commentary or dialogue the stylish treatment tells the story in pictures and captions emphasising how young and old people all over the world, who want to be healthy consume Ovaltine and Twinings beverages everyday.

Results: Initially shown at the AGM for an audience of 400 shareholders the video was rolled out to offices all over the world.

"Stylish treatment told the story in pictures and words without commentary or dialogue."

Head of Communications


Case Study - Motivational - Presenter Led