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A new product video titled 'How to Get Filthy Rich,' produced for O2 and Oracle. Instead of going into predictable detail about Oracle's 'e-business suite' and O2's Xda the entertaining video shows how a sales person and his boss can get 'Filthy Rich' with these products. Sales people at both companies use this video in their sales presentations.

Results: Oracle has reported that the video has become one of the most 'hit' items on their intranet. This video won Gold and Silver at the New York Film Festival and Silver at the US International Film Festival

"Videos like this bring our products to life, demonstrating how they enable people to become more efficient and effective. 'Filthy Rich' makes people smile first then the penny drops that the Xda is much, much more than a mobile."

Head of Tactical Marketing, O2


Case Study - Motivational - Presenter Led